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We embrace trends, but celebrate classics

Even though we at NK love the latest styles, our hearts beat faster for timeless classics. 
At the same time, we understand that we need to rethink the way we shop and what we buy. Here, we share our thoughts on how to consume more sustainably – and what we’re doing to create change in the right direction.

Maximum expression, minimum impact.
Everything we produce impacts the climate. And this is especially true in the fashion industry, a huge enterprise with an extensive value chain that generates significant CO2 emissions. We’re aware that our industry is far from sustainable. This is why we’re working to create more opportunities for people to express themselves without increasing their impact on the environment. And it’s why we’re constantly evaluating and placing demands on the brands and products under our roof. People will always want to express themselves through fashion and beautiful things. Our role is to meet these needs and explore new methods, new materials and new forms.

NK Stockholm is an environmentally certified building

107 charging points for electric cars inside NK Parkering

We run entirely on 100 % green electricity

We’ve reduced our climate emissions by 95 % since 2010

Garment by garment, item by item.
At NK, we have a standard that places high demands on our suppliers and helps create a more responsible value chain. At the same time, we’re also curating our offering and developing our own definition of sustainable products. The NK Standard is the benchmark for the brands under our roof, ensuring that they promote social sustainability, avoid using dangerous chemicals and document the origin of fur. Our long-term ambition is to be a department store that offers a greater choice of better, more sustainable products. And our goal is to double the number of sustainable products each year from 2020.
Behind the scenes.
For some time, we’ve been quietly making changes to become a more sustainable department store. These initiatives cover everything from our shopping bags to the way we operate. We’re also focusing on reducing the energy we use in every way possible. Boosting energy performance, installing solar panels on the roof and buying only green electricity are just a few examples. Step by step, we’re getting closer to our ultimate goal: reducing our emissions and running a fossil-free business by 2030.
Made to last.
We love fashion that never goes out of style. Clothes you can wear for life with pride. This is why we welcome brands with collections designed to last, such as Filippa K, MiniRodini and Patagonia. We also help customers care for the garments they already have. Our skilled tailors work magic to give your favorite clothes new life. And our shoemakers offer classic shoe care, repairs and even custom-designed footwear. By giving your treasured pieces the love and respect they deserve, they’ll last forever.